Model 2525 Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear

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Introducing Mitchell Rail Gear's Innovative Hydraulic Drive System for Hydraulic Excavators

Revolutionize your excavator's capabilities with our cutting-edge Model 2525 Hydraulic Drive Rail Gear, designed to seamlessly convert standard Hydraulic Excavators with a rated capacity of up to 25 tons into versatile on/off railroad excavators. With this game-changing system, the possibilities for machine configurations become endless, especially when paired with an excavator boom equipped with a TiltRotator for quick-connecting a range of work tools.

Our cab-controlled retractable Hydraulic Drive Hi-Rail Gear is at the heart of our solution, skillfully integrated into the excavator's car body. This ingenious design empowers the excavator to serve as both a conventional excavator and an efficient on-rail material handler. Each system is custom-engineered to fit the specific excavator car body model perfectly, guaranteeing exceptional performance in both roles.

The rail wheels are powered at both ends of the excavator by dual hydraulic motors, utilizing the machine's hydraulic system. These Rail Gear axles are engineered for rail travel at speeds of up to 20 mph while maintaining regular ground speeds. Each rail wheel has dual cobra brake shoes to enhance braking, complementing the hydrostatic braking system. Additionally, both front and rear hydraulic drive axles feature ride control, serving as shock absorbers to dampen forces when traveling on uneven railroad tracks. This ensures stability and safety throughout rail operations. Furthermore, a safety pin mechanism securely locks the rail gear for on/off track transitions.

Operating the excavator on rail is simplified with a user-friendly switch panel in the cab, allowing operators to seamlessly transition between front, rear, track, or rail drives. The excavator travel pedals and levers are leveraged for driving or raising/lowering the rail gear. Getting onto the rail is quick and hassle-free – simply straddle the track and lower one end of the hi-rail at a time to begin your rail operations. And when it's time to exit the track, you can do so effortlessly anywhere without needing a railroad crossing – just retract the rail gear and crawl off the track.

In summary, this transformation offers a substantial return on investment and maximizes equipment utilization. Mitchell provides a wide range of work tools to transform your ordinary excavator into a versatile system capable of handling many tasks. Elevate your excavator's potential today with Mitchell Rail Gear's Hydraulic Drive system.