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    Rail Gear and Attachments
    for Construction Equipment
    and Work Trucks
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    Rail Gear and Attachments
    for Safety and Maintenance

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    Rail Gear and Attachments
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Our state of the art factory is fully equipped with Hi rail truck systems, repairs, installations. We deal in equipment like Hi rail truck gear and Hi rail truck systems. We deal in attachment systems which are designed in a way which would adapt a variety of vehicles. If you are also in need of vehicle equipment, then visit our website and contact us for more details. We offer turn key Hi rail vehicles for sale as well as easy install rail gear kits. You will get premium quality, the highest level of personal service, uncompromised quality once you avail the service. We are offering sale for the rail gear for sale and Hi rail excavator for sale. What makes us different from others in the market is that

  • We have the most ethical, talented, and dedicated employees.
  • Produce safe, technically advanced products.
  • We train our employees with proper knowledge and support.
  • Treat vendors equally and produce rail technology which would make some difference.